Our ethos

At Stockley Equestrian we make the fitting of safety products for riding our priority! We know how much fun horse riding is but likewise we understand the risks involved too. At Stockley we offer you a first rate safety fitting service to help you find the items that best suits you or your loved one. Horse riding is a fantastic hobby, passion and sport. Like anything exciting though there are risks involved, so at Stockley Equestrian in Midhurst and Littlehampton we offer you a premium hat and body protector fitting service to help you find the safety items that suit you best.


Our Reputation

We pride ourselves on the enviable reputation for professionally fitting body protectors. All the staff undergo rigorous in house training followed up with a professional training course with the relevant company. The personal touch is paramount to both Stockley and customers alike.


Body Protectors – Levels of Protection

There are 3 recognised levels of protection with body protectors to cater for different riding activities.

We only stock Level 3 Body Protectors.

Level 1 – Black Label
Body protectors certified to Level 1 provide a lower level of impact protection that is only considered appropriate for licensed jockeys while racing.

Level 2 – Brown Label
Body protectors certified to Level 2 provide a lower than normal level of protection that is only considered appropriate for use in low risk situations. These DO NOT include riding on roads or other hard surfaces, riding over jumps, riding young or excitable horses or riding while inexperienced.

Level 3 – Purple Label

Body protectors certified to Level 3 provide a level of protection that is considered appropriate for normal horse riding, competitors and for working with horses. Protectors to this level should prevent minor bruising that would have produced stiffness and pain, reduce soft tissue injuries and bruising, and prevent a limited number of rib fractures

No Body Protector can prevent serious injury in certain accidents, but you can improve your chances of staying safe and reducing the severity of injuries by making the right choice.


Why we choose Airowear Body protectors

Ladies Outlyne Body Protector

Our customers can rest assured we have done all the leg work in finding what we believe to be the best body protector in the UK Market. Airowear body protectors have been designed to fit every rider, regardless of shape, size, age or gender into a perfectly fitted body protector ‘off the shelf’. From the many sizes and styles within our range, we hope the following guide will help you to find the best model and size suited to your body shape and personal preferences.

Airowear   (http://www.airowear.co.uk/en/) is a British brand and all the body protectors are manufactured in the UK. Airowear’s body protectors are CE marked to EN13158 and in addition to this are annually retested to BETA 2009, giving you peace of mind that an Airowear body protector consistently meets the latest and highest levels of safety standards available.


Zipped v Non-Zipped Styles of Body Protetcors

The Reiver 010 is the Airowear non zipped style “tabard” body protector, which is the best style to choose for those not wishing to have a zip fastening. By contrast, Outlyne is our zipped body protector and is the style to choose for those who prefer a jacket style.


Body Protectors For Children

The Reiver 010 tabard body protector for children is adjusted at the waist and shoulder and has 2 optional waist fittings per size. This provides alternative fitting for children with different body shapes:


  1. a) Standard sizes are for those whose chest & waist measurements are the same.
  2. b) ‘WW’ sizes are for those whose waist measurement is wider than their chest measurement. These sizes have a suffix of ‘WW’ and provide greater room around the waist whilst maintaining a neat fit across the chest.

Sizes in Reiver 010 start from approximately age 3.

An alternative to Reiver 010 for children is a zipped Jacket style –the Junior Outlyne. This style has separate chest, waist and shoulder adjustments, giving riders the option to adjust according to their body shape.


Body Protectors For Teenagers

For teenagers there is a zipped jacket style of body protector, the Teen Outlyne which provides a neat fit with adjustable chest, waist and shoulder fastenings.


Body Protectors For Women – Petite, Plus Size, Curvy, Busty & Tall

Women’s Outlyne is the recommended style for women of all shapes and sizes due to its sizing features. Women’s Outlyne runs in sizes 6 – 20, with 4 optional back lengths per size. This enables riders whether petite, plus-sized, curvy or tall to fit into the same standard range. The back lengths stay shorter at the back, with the length at the front increasing to accommodate the bust as the chest measurement increases. This is unique to Outlyne. There are separate chest, waist and shoulder fastenings for Women’s Outlyne, giving you the option to adjust according to your body shape.


Body Protectors For Men

Men’s Outlyne is the only body protector on the market designed specifically for men. Its sizing reflects the typical features of a man’s body shape, taking into consideration tailoring over the shoulders and generously cut across the rib cage. As the chest sizes increase, the back lengths remain the same, ensuring the length at front increases proportionately instead of the back. This is unique to Outlyne. There are separate chest, waist and shoulder fastenings for Men’s Outlyne, giving you the option to adjust according to your body shape.


Our Body Protector fitting service

A member of staff will talk you through the styles of body protectors that we offer and explain why we have chosen Airowear.   Parents will be very much involved with the children’s fitting and everything we do is explained. Our staff will go through the different sizes of the body protectors with you and fit you in the one that is safest and most comfortable.


After Care

We will advise you how to look after your bodyprotector after purchase, the best place to keep it and we will offer a continued free check up service for the life of your body protector & riding career. (always keep your receipt!)

So when it comes to safety we take your’s as seriously as our own. We look forward to seeing you in store and helping you chose the right product for you!


We strongly recommend you never buy a hat or body protector online! They need to be professionally fitted!


A safety conscious rider is a safer jockey!