We offer an extensive range of feed and supplements to help maintain your horses well being. Better still we have nutritionists on call for specific advice and we can even taylor an entire feeding regime for your equines to make sure your horse makes the most of his feed.

Falcon Equine Feeds

We chose Falcon Equine Feeds to supply Stockley as they share our passion and commitment to our customers and their horses; ensuring their health and wellbeing, and of course delivering exceptionally good value for money. The quality of the feed is second to none, whilst the feed formulations have been clearly devised to offer everyone with a feed solution. Our staff can provide feed advice at the till & we can contact Falcon directly and speak to their Nutritional Advisor for more specific questions.
Both stores readily stock a substantial range of Falcon Equine Feed products, based on popular and regular customer demand. If you find something in the range you would like & we don’t stock we can order any of Falcon’s products to either store if required. Please ask in store for further product details and see our Feeding Advice Page.


Why feed supplements?

Both our stores are proud stockists of NAF, Global Herbs, Equine America, KM Elite & more when it comes to supplements.

Across all brands we supply our customers with a choice covering almost every aspect of Equine life, helping your horse or pony improve or maintain health. From general day to day vitamins or in more specialised areas such as Joint Care or Respiratory Health.

All members of the Stockley team receive thorough and up to date training regularly from each of the listed companies to help us to help you when it comes to choosing the right supplement for your Equine partners.

Treats & Licks

Who doesn’t love spoiling their best friend every now and again? Whether you treat for training, obedience, love or just to indulge your equine we have something to fit the bill. From boredom breaker Likits to flavored herbal treats such as Spillers. Small bags, medium bags, large bags and even large tubs of treats! On top of this we offer a large range of salt licks and blocks to ensure your horse and pony has the essential vitamins and minerals they require every day.