Both Stockley Littlehampton & Stockley Midhurst are very proud to be recognised suppliers of a vast horse feed range from many well known feed Manufacturers; Spillers, Allen & Page, Bailey’s, Dodson & Horrell to mention but a few!


We are a little short on space so we can’t stock everything all the time but we can get in a huge range of products for you, within days! Better than that? If you require the products moving forward we can add you to our regular orders and make sure we have the perfect product for you every week.


Please call a knowledgeable, friendly member of staff or pop in to either store for further information. We also have qualified nutritional advisors at the end of the phone so we can pull together a unique menu for your equines specific requirements, including both hard feed and supplements.


The products we stock are all sold at great value for money and supported by the leading brands.