James Macgregor

James is the owner and MD of Stockley and bought the company as Stockley Trading in 2000. James has a background in farming and horses and qualifications in estate management. With a vision to establish the business as a destination tack shop providing a comprehensive range of products at excellent value for money. He soon set to work making it the professional, popular & successful business it is today. As Managing Director, James is the driving force behind the business and is actively involved in every aspect of the company’s operations. James does most of the buying and prides himself on finding the very best deals available for the customer. James also rebranded the company in 2013, embracing its heritage name but also upgrading the logo to Stockley Outdoor & Equestrian. James divides his personal time across his three main passions; his two boys, his 16’2 ex-race horse Oh Vlo! & following rugby – namely Leicester Tigers! Working across the two stores and the companies professional saddle fitter you may well see him welcoming you at either store.

Sarah Morley

Sarah joined the team at the end  of 2004 as the Show Unit Manager organising stands and taking out our 20 ton lorry and erecting our huge show unit at events throughout the season, across the UK. In 2008 Sarah became Office Manager and now supports James in her role as Business Manager, overseeing the company finances as well as managing the new Midhurst Shop. With a background in hospitality and the service industry, Sarah has brought enthusiasm and professionalism to the customer services in the shops. Sarah is also a rugby fan but above all enjoys riding her 16’3 ex race horse Lord Esker, and 16’2 dun showjumper Rimmel.  A local lady to Midhurst she regularly helps with Pony Club & Riding Club events around the County & thoroughly enjoys seeing the customers out & about. Sarah also works across the two stores, although if she is in Littlehampton she tends to be hidden away upstairs in her office.

Lynnette Farrelly

Lynnette joined Stockley as the PA to James Macgregor in February 2016, but her role soon took on all manner of tasks and Lynnette instantly became a key member of staff – James couldn’t be without her now! Lynnette has had a varied career across all manner of businesses with her previous role as a Business Analyst putting her in prime position to move Stockley forward. Lynnette rode as a teenager and loves everything outdoors. Paddle boarding being one of her firm favourite activities. Lynnette lives locally with her teenage son and 2 Norfolk terriers, Jacko and Molly.

Cheryl Slade


Cheryl joined Stockley in October 2010 in the Midhurst store (before it was a store!) With Cheryl’s initial tasks involving painting the walls, making displays for the products and setting up the procedures she is an integral part of the Midhurst team as one of our Supervisors. Cheryl lives locally to the Midhurst store and spends her spare time walking her gorgeous spaniel Ozzy or looking after her Daughter Bonita. Having studied BHS courses since she joined Stockley and been involved with horses all her life her love and passion come across in every customer encounter.

Charlene Roberts

Charlie joined us in September 2011 and works part time as a Supervisor in the Littlehampton store. Charlie has two young children to keep her busy and when she has a spare moment loves nothing more than hacking her horse Ruby. Having been round horses all her life she loves sharing her experiences with our customers & is always ready to help.

Melissa Blackiston

Melissa joined Stockley in July 2014 having worked previously in the service industry at a prestigious local hotel. In 2015 Melissa became a Supervisor in the Midhurst Store. With thorough horse knowledge and contacts throughout polo we are really pleased to have Melissa on board. Melissa has two gorgeous ex polo ponies Bubbles and Terracita as well as the cutest, teeniest little black dog Fergie.

Hazel Morley

Hazel joined the Midhurst team before they opened in November 2010. Hazel started off painting the walls and helping set the store up before the big opening! From there Hazel worked every Monday & often Saturdays too. Hazel has lived in the area for over 25 years and was a Head Teacher before semi-retiring in September 2010. Since 2012 she has done less on the shop floor but goes to the Littlehampton store every week to help with the office administration.

Jack Macgregor

jackJack started working in the Midhurst store every Saturday in April 2012 to save money to go on a school trip to the Himalaya’s. As his first job as a 14 year old it was all quite daunting but within 6 months Jack’s confidence both with customers and stock alike improved week on week. Jack has now completed the 3 weeks in India and has requested to stay working at the store. We are more than happy to keep him as he’s become integral to the team.

Guy Macgregor

guyGuy joined the team in July 2014 and works every Saturday in the Midhurst store. Initially working a few hours every Saturday to raise money for a school trip he is now a full day Saturday member of staff. Guy is often seen helping up at the stables as well as on the squash courts or the golf course.

Julie Bridger

Julie started working for Stockley in June 2015. With 7 years’ experience in a similar retail role, Julie felt at home among the daily routine at Stockley straight away and was made a Supervisor in Spring 2016. Julie owns a gorgeous 16’1 Irish Warmblood called Disney that she has had from a 2-year-old and is a cross country machine! Disney is a steadfast part of the family and everyone who meets her falls in love with her! Julie is also a Mum to sons Jamie & Charlie and daughter Tempeste as well as having Grandchildren.

Sara Billinghurst

Sara joined the Stockley team at the beginning of October 2015 and in March 2016 was appointed Retail Manager of the Littlehampton store. We are delighted to have her on board with her wealth of experience. Sara and her husband Mark have a family of very large animals! Sara works hard to promote the heavy horses and is on the committee of the oldest Working Horse Association – The Southern Counties Heavy Horse Association.  Her family is made up of 4 beautiful chestnut heavy horses. As if that wasn’t enough they have dogs and chickens to look after too. When Sara is not busy managing the store, she is also a Zoopharmacognosist (Animal Self Help Medication Practitioner).

Emily Short

Emily joined us in December 2016 working at the Littlehampton store on a Saturday.  Emily is busy studying at College and is a keen horse rider and skier.  Emily is a great asset to the team and along with her horse Doolin she is having a great time gaining her equestrian knowledge.

Sophie Davidson

Sophie joined us in May 2016 in the Midhurst Store working on Saturdays whilst she is at Churchers College studying for her GCSE’s. Sophie is a keen member of Cowdray Pony Club and can often be seen flying round a cross country course on her 15’3 Bay called Cody. Her Pony Club knowledge is also a real asset with great equestrian knowledge.

Megan Sutton-Graves

Megan joined us in July 2016 working at our Littlehampton store on a Sunday. She is studying Equine at Brinsbury college and hopes to work with horses in the future. She is furthering her equestrian knowledge whilst with us and in her spare time loves riding her horse Master.